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Teach English
in South Korea

Positions  available  All  year  round

Since 2004, TEFL JOB KOREA has been recruiting great native English speaking teachers for private English language schools located mostly in Daegu Metropolitan City, the 3rd largest city in South Korea with the population of 2.5 million and several hundreds current native English speaking teachers.

Required Documents
(that need to be posted to Korea for E2 visa approval)

  • an (notarisedoriginal hard copy of national (FBI) criminal background check issued within 6 months with 'Apostille' affixed

  • a (notarised) photocopy of bachelor's degree certificate with 'Apostille' affixed

(All those documents are not returned once they are submitted to the immigration office.)


Making Notes
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Only native English speakers

with a bachelor's degree

with the nationality of 

New Zealand
South Africa

(alphabetical order)

are eligible to teach English as a foreigner
in accordance with
the Korean government's immigration policy.

Benefits and Working conditions

  • monthly salary from 2,500,000KRW depending on experiences and educational background

  • one-way flight ticket to or from South Korea for one-year contract

  • 12-day vacation and around 15 Korean national holidays per year

  • rent-free furnished single studio within 10-15 min. walking distance of school (Teachers need to pay for utility bills for gas, water, electricity etc. which is 50,000~100,000won per month depending on how much they use.)

  • severance pay equivalent of one-month salary on completion of one-year contract with working no fewer than 365 days from the first teaching day

  • half of the medical insurance premium and national pension paid by the employer and the equivalent amount (3.5% and 4.5% each from the monthly salary) paid by the teacher each month 

  • less than 5% of income tax

  • class size: fewer than 12 students in each class

  • length of contract: one year (extendable)

  • teaching hours; maximum 120 hours (1 hour = 60 min.) per month

  • all the curriculum and materials provided

  • Airport pick-up service

EFL English School

mid June and mid July, 2024

  • Address; 32, Joam-ro, Dalseo-gu, Daegu

  • number of current native English-speaking teachers; 4

  • Age of students; from 8-15

  • Working hours; from 1:30 pm-9 pm, Monday through Friday

Wonderland English School

September  1st, 2024

  • Address: 96, Deulan-ro, Suseong-gu, Daegu

  • number of current native English speaking teachers; 5

  • Age of the students; from 4 ~ 10

  • Working hours; from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm

Hanvit English School

September 1st, 2024

  • Address; 2536, Dalgubeol-daero, Suseong-gu, Daegu

  • number of current native English speaking teachers; 8

  • Age of students; from 10 to 17

  • Working days: Mon, Tues, Thrs, and Fri. (4 days)

  • Working hours; from 2 pm - 10 pm

  • Round trip flights provided

Andover English School

November  1, 2024

  • Address: 2482, Dalgubeol-daero, Suseong-gu, Daegu

  • number of current native English speaking teachers; 3

  • Age of the students; from 8-13

  • Working hours; from 1 pm to 8 pm

FRAGE English School

September 1st, 2024

  • Address: 167, Beomeocheon-ro, Suseong-gu, Daegu

  • # of current native English speaking teachers; 7

  • Age of the students; from 4 ~ 10

  • Working hours; from 9 am to 6 pm

MapleBear Canadian Education

March 1, 2025

  • Address: 167, Beomeocheon-ro, Suseong-gu, Daegu

  • # of current native English speaking teachers; 10

  • Age of the students; from 3 ~ 10

  • Working hours; 9:30 am till 6 pm

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Positions Avaialble

My experiences in Daegu, Korea

   'I lived in Daegu for a year and a half, and had a fantastic time. There's a huge community of expats, college students, and English-speaking Koreans to connect with. There's no shortage of cheap, delicious food in any part of the city, and the downtown area is always extremely busy on the weekends.  It was the perfect place to do day/weekend-trips from, being right in the middle of Korea. I was able to take trips to Pohang, Andong, Gyeongju, Namhae, Gumi, Busan and Seoul, all while living in Daegu. The cost of food and living is also much cheaper than Seoul, and travel times inside Daegu are much faster than in Busan, because it's less spread-out.

Daegu is surrounded by nature and mountains, so you can go hiking up Mount Apsan or have a picnic in Duryu Park. It can get very hot in the summer, which I personally enjoyed. In general, living there was very convenient; the public transport is super fast, cheap, and well-connected, especially the subway. It truly is a huge city, and there are districts and neighborhoods of it that I still hadn't explored by the time I left.

Some locations -

- Hello Foreigner, Gogos, and Los Cubanos; bars downtown where you can meet tons of fellow English speakers, foreign and Korean alike

- Communes, a bar with a more relaxed atmosphere and live music played by regular patrons

- Noriteo, a board game cafe/bar with lots of seasonal events/parties

- Chicago, a bar in the Beomeo area which often plays live jazz music

- Yutaro, for high-quality Japanese ramen

- The Box and the YMCA, two places where you can take Korean classes with native speakers

- E-World, a theme park with a spectacular number of cherry blossoms in the spring, which can be seen from an observation deck/tower

- Beomeo Library and Suseong Library, which have large collections of English books and are perfectly quiet

- Keimyung University and the surrounding area - there are lots of restaurants and bars with a huge variety of styles and tastes [including a delicious Vietnamese restaurant] The university also has a huge musical theatre.

- Kyungpook National University campus - a huge green campus, perfect for walking, which also has lots of cherry blossoms in the spring

- The Beomeo general area houses multiple delicious Korean-fried chicken, zzim-dak, dakgalbi, tteokbokki, sushi and barbeque restaurants. Worny Chicken was a favorite among everyone I knew, as well as an all-you-can-eat beef barbeque place.

- There are escape rooms, board game cafes, video arcades, and PC cafes all around the city. Once you make a good group of friends, you will likely visit these regularly. Also, a million coffee shops and bubble tea places.

- Multiple art supply outlets, musical instrument stores, and anime merchandise shops, all with helpful owners [I've gotten discounts more than once]

- The Gundam Base

- Kyobo Books [very big with a bit of everything]

- Shinsegae mall [good food court]

- The downtown area has a fashion district with lots of old/vintage stores where you can haggle, as well as more unique and up-to-date brands. Daegu in general is considered a good place for clothes shopping.

- The riverbank path leads through some interesting and atmospheric neighborhoods.

- Yeongnam Jeil Gwan, a huge historic gate surrounded by a pretty quiet, peaceful area spattered with historic monuments.

- Suseong Lake

- Daegu Opera House [they have English subtitles]

- Samsung Lions Baseball Park, home of Daegu's baseball team

- DGB Daegu Bank Park, home of Daegu FC soccer/football team

- There's a beer and chicken - 'Chimac' - festival in the summer.


All of these are places are personally visited and enjoyed when I was working in Daegu.

Overall, if you haven't heard much about Daegu compared to Seoul or Busan, I can definitely tell you that I was never lacking in things to do. Once you settle in and get to know the layout, Daegu becomes a really busy and dense city, and a great place to live.'  Aaron.D.

   "I taught English at a Hagwon in Daegu for three years and it was a fantastic experience.  Daegu is the perfect sized city to live in; Big enough for all of the modern conveniences (great transportation, plenty of activities, a variety of restaurants) but not too big where going outside can be overwhelming like Seoul or Busan can be.  Daegu is also located right in the middle of Korea so it makes seeing the rest of the country so easy; trains, express buses, and Daegu has an airport as well which has direct flights to Jeju and Southeast Asia.  Daegu has a large foreigner community and a ton of language exchanges as well so it is easy to make friends outside of work.  Living in Daegu is also cheaper than Seoul and Busan so you can save a lot of money by teaching English." Kanoa.P.

About DAEGU city

The City of Daegu is located inland,

southeast of the Korean Peninsula.


Daegu is the 3rd largest city in Korea whose population is around 2.5 million and there are several hundreds native English speaking teachers in Daegu.

It takes just 1 hour and 40 min. to Seoul and 50 min. to Busan by express train

You can find more information on the city of Daegu

KTX express trains nationwide Korea
SRT additional express trains nationwide Korea
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How to Apply

How to Apply

If you're interested and eligible to teach English in South Korea,

please send your resume file with other relevant documents

and available date to travel to Korea at

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