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Since 2004, TEFL JOB KOREA has been recruiting great native English speaking teachers for private English language schools located mostly in Daegu Metropolitan City, the 3rd largest city in South Korea with the population of 2.5 million and several hundreds current native English speaking teachers.

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Only native English speakers

with a bachelor's degree

with the nationality of 

New Zealand
South Africa

(alphabetical order)

are eligible to teach English as a foreigner
in accordance with
the Korean government's immigration policy.

Required Documents
(that need to be posted to Korea for E2 visa approval)

  • an original copy of

national (FBI) criminal background check

issued within 6 months

with 'Apostille' affixed

(for Canadians,

it needs to be verified by a Korean consulate

in Canada instead of Apostille)

  • a photocopy of

bachelor's degree certificate

with 'Apostille' affixed

(All those documents are not returned

once they are submitted to the immigration office.)

■ ​ Due to the serious impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, all foreign passport holders traveling to the Republic of Korea must present a PCR Negative Test Result upon arrival.​

The testing must be performed, and a certificate must be issuedwithin 48 hours before the departure date.

■ For all travelers entering the Republic of Korea, a supervised negative COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) result will be additionally accepted from May 23, 2022.

- A supervised negative COVID-19 RAT result must be issued within 24 hours prior to the departure date. 

■ Self-quarantine is not required any longer.


Making Notes

Benefits and Working conditions

  • monthly salary from 2,200,000 depending on experiences and educational background

  • one-way flight to or from South Korea for one-year contract (within the budget of 1,000,000KRW)

  • 10-day vacation and around 15 Korean national holidays per year

  • rent free fully-furnished single housing

within 10-15 min. walking distance of school 

(Teachers need to pay for utility bills for gas, water, electricity etc. which is around 50,000 won per month depending on how much they use.)

  • severance pay equivalent of one-month salary on completion of one-year contract

  • 50% of the medical insurance premium and national pension paid by the employer and the equivalent amount (3.5% and 4.5% each from the monthly salary) paid by the teacher each month 

  • class size: fewer than 12 students in each class

  • length of contract: one year (extendable)

  • teaching hours; maximum 120 hours (1 hour = 60 min.) per month

  • all the curriculum and materials provided

Positions Avaialble


Esther English School
(for couples)

October, 2022

  • Address: 71, Bokhyeon-ro, Buk-gu, Daegu

  • number of current native English speaking teachers; 2

  • Age of the students; from 8-15

  • Working hours; from 1 pm to 830 pm, Mon. through Fri.

FRAGE English School

October 2, 2022

  • Address; 167, Beomeocheon-ro, Suseong-gu, Daegu

  • number of current native English speaking teachers; 6

  • Age of students; from 4 to 10

  • Working hours; from 9 am - 6 pm, Mon. through Fri.

Hanvit English School

December, 2022

  • Address; 2536, Dalgubeol-daero, Suseong-gu, Daegu

  • number of current native English speaking teachers; 8

  • Age of students; from 10 to 17

  • Working days: Mon, Tues, Thrs, and Fri. (4 days)

  • Working hours; from 2 pm - 10 pm

About DAEGU city

The City of Daegu is located inland,

southeast of the Korean Peninsula.


Daegu is the 3rd largest city in Korea whose population is around 2.5 million and there are several hundreds native English speaking teachers in Daegu.

It takes just 1 hour and 40 min. to Seoul and 50 min. to Busan by express train

You can find more information on the city of Daegu


How to Apply

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If you're interested and eligible to teach English in South Korea,

please send your resume file with other relevant documents

and available date to travel to Korea at



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